The pulp-fantasy jazzpunk boardgame of legendary heroes and legendary loot is coming to Kickstarter on April 30th!

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The year is 1921. Congress of the United Realms has just passed a new law banning the use of all destructive magics, and has placed bounties on all mystical artifacts.

Teams of Runerunners quickly formed to hunt down and collect these magical items, getting paid a hefty sum for retrieving them.

Government officials, merchant guilds, museum curators and black market mob bosses of Sanctuary City are trying to collect as many items as they can, offering jobs to teams of Runerunners.

This is where you come in! Form your team, grab the loot, and go get paid! Get in and get out fast, but watch out for other Runerunners, they won’t share bounties.

Meet the Runerunners!

The Miniatures


The core game includes 11 unique, finely detailed plastic miniatures. Depending on our Kickstarter campaign funding, we hope to increase this amount and the overall value of the game.


Coming to Kickstarter April 30th!


Click here to download the preview rules!