Gangfight Skirmish Game System
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We just launched the Kickstarter campaign for our new rulebook! The Gangfight Skirmish Game System lets you play skirmish battle games in any setting you want, with any miniatures you want! The core rules have universal skills and equipment that can work for many settings, and will also include additional rules for Fantasy and Sci Fi games, like magic or high tech weaponry.

The campaign is set to run through the beginning of September, and our goal is just to fund the core rulebook to get our new game system up and running.


Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter
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The Gangfight Game System is a universal core ruleset allowing you to play tabletop battle games in any genre, setting or time period, with any miniatures you want! You can download the core rules below, or the basic Blackwater Gulch rules.

Both are the same, the core rules with have a standard Fantasy setting included and the Blackwater Gulch rules will give you everything you need to know to start playing in our original western horror gameworld.

Watch the Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Preview

The Beasts of War recently reviewed our new Second Edition products, and also showed off a sneak peek at new models from our upcoming Minions & Monsters Kickstarter.

Check out the video now!

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