Our first official Gameworld, Blackwater Gulch is a western horror skirmish game of infamous gangs, savage beasts, ravenous dead and malevolent demons. In Blackwater Gulch, you and your friends will collect gangs of miniature men or supernatural creatures and battle for survival in the town streets and outskirts.

The Second Edition of Blackwater Gulch will be released this summer. Click here to download the preview rules, or check out the factions below to learn more!




Some say Blackwater Gulch is a lawless place, but these posses and gangs of upstanding individuals and defenders of the weak are out to prove them wrong. Lawmen are always ready to dispense justice in the name of the more civilized people in town, keeping townsfolk safe from thieves, ruffians, bandits, savage beasts and vile monstrosities.

Town Defenders

All Lawmen characters receive a +1D6 to hit when making ranged attacks while inside buildings.



Bent on living their own way and making their own rules, the Outlaw gangs turn town streets into war zones on a daily basis. Some want to steal whatever isn’t tied down, others just don’t take kindly to being told what to do with their lives. Many lie, cheat and steal, but not all are truly bad, they’re just misunderstood.

Dirty Fighters

All Outlaw characters receive a +1D6 to hit when attacking enemies from behind.



The Cursed faction is made up of restless undead and malevolent demons, filled with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Possessed mortals, ravenous revenants and vampiric Wendigo fill their ranks. Awakend by crypt robbers and greedy prospectors who dug too far and too deep, these dark creatures now roam the contryside and raid settlements, dining on the lifeblood of any who cross their path.


All Cursed characters may regain 1 lost point of Health if they take an enemy out of action in melee combat. This only applies if they have previously been injured, it cannot raise a character’s health higher than their starting amount.



The forests surrounding the town are home to countless tribes of savage Skinwalkers - transformed men who walk the land in the form of an animal. Unlike traditional lycanthropes of legend, these werebeasts are changed perminantly and are unable to regain human form. They fight with pure rage and brutality, but rarely kill. Instead, they prefer to carry injured victims off to their lairs, forcing them to join their packs.

Tooth & Claw

When unarmed, Beasts are always considered to be  fighting with two light 1-handed melee weapons, giving them a bonus of +1D6 to hit in melee combat, unless they are fighting with a 2-handed melee weapon instead.